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Planning Pays off

Planning Pays off Tweet When you’re working on a big project, it’s easy to get daunted. By planning the project, and breaking it up into smaller, easy to achieve “mini-goals” you make it seem much less daunting and more achievable. Plus, whenever you reach one of your smaller goals, you get that extra boost of confidence needed to keep you going. When you focus really hard on a project, it’s really easy to gain a lot of focus and get “on a roll”. The problem is,...

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The Pitfalls of Working from Home

The Pitfalls of Working from Home Tweet For many people, running a business out of the home can be a great opportunity. You can spend more time with your family, control your own workload and income, and have a lot more flexibility to fit your life. But before you quit your job and get started, you need to consider some of the downsides of working from home and how they could affect you and your family. One thing many people don’t consider when making the decision to work at home is loneliness. Even if you work hard, if...

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Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Don’t Get Overwhelmed Tweet When working on a big project, it’s easy to look at it and think “there’s just no way I can do that”. But a big project becomes a lot more manageable if you break it down into smaller pieces – you just have to know how to divide it up. Before you dive into breaking up your project and making a plan, you need to figure out exactly what needs to be done and when the project needs to be done by. This may be very easy if your client has a clear idea of what...

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How to Control Overheads

How to Control Overheads Tweet Overheads are business expenses that are not specifically part of a business project. They’re the costs or your business that you’re going to have whether you have a customer or not. For example, you’re going to have to pay for electricity, office supplies, and facility rentals whether or not you make a sale. Costs that are specifically for a project, like shipping costs for final product, are not included in this cost. In order to keep your costs down, make it a...

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Outsourcing 101

Outsourcing 101 Tweet When it comes to starting your own business, you’ll likely eventually need other people to do work for you. Instead of hiring employees, you might consider finding contractors to outsource your work to. This will not only save you money, it has a lot of other benefits as well. When you hire your own employees, you have to pay a lot more than just their salary. Employers have to pay employee benefits like health and accident insurance, paid vacation, social security, and other...

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Organizing Comes Easier to Women in Business

Organizing Comes Easier to Women in Business Tweet There are many skills that can help one become successful in business. The ability to negotiate is important for any entrepreneur, as is persuasiveness. But one skill that is absolutely essential to running a successful business is organization. A business that is disorganized is much more likely to fail than one that is organized well. Business owners must keep up with receipts and other information used to file taxes, customer files, vendor contracts, and all sorts of other things. ...

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Become a Professional Organizer

Become a Professional Organizer Tweet Do you like to keep things clean and in order? Have you helped friends arrange their house or their life? Are you the one at work who’s developed the filing system and organized the closets? Then you might be perfect for a career as a professional organizer. If you like reality TV, you’ve probably already seen shows that highlight the work of organizers. They come into a house or office, clean out the clutter, install organizational equipment and teach the owner how to...

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How Important Is Your Online Presence?

How Important Is Your Online Presence? Tweet When conducting any type of business, the use of proper etiquette and professionalism are paramount to keeping your customers happy and wanting to come back. Well, the same basic rules apply when it comes to your actions and reactions online. Proper etiquette has been taught to us since childhood. Use your fork, not your fingers. Knock before entering a room. Say please and thank you. So why would it be any different when it comes to life online? Your goal with social networking is to...

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Create an Online Business in a Struggling Economy

Create an Online Business in a Struggling Economy Tweet Most people are likely to consider the state of the economy today to make it a bad time to start a business online. While it’s normal for people to worry about such things, in these particular circumstances they can’t be farther from the truth. There are a multitude of business opportunities available during these times of uncertainty. Some of the best ones are online businesses run from the comfort of your home. People still require goods and services, even with a shaky economy....

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Niche Research Basics

Niche Research Basics Tweet What is a niche? A niche is basically a sub-market within a larger market. By marketing to a niche group you ensure that your marketing message is specific to that group. And although that group may be smaller, your conversion rates (ie. sales) should be higher. An example of a niche market within the weight loss market is “weight loss after pregnancy” or “weight loss for children.” Now that you understand the basics of niche marketing, here are a few tips to help you with...

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