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What Is Franchising?

What Is Franchising? Tweet In the current economy, it can be daunting to start a new business. In fact, it may be impossible for you to start one since small business loans are so hard to come by. In franchises, you become a small business owner, but you are also a part of a larger group. This means you not only have an established product people trust, but you also have a group of other small business owners who are there to back you up and help you succeed. In simple terms, franchising is a type of business...

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Great Add-Ons to Use with Flock

Great Add-Ons to Use with Flock Tweet Flock is a feature-packed web browser based on Mozilla Firefox’s codebase. It offers easy access to social networking and media sites, quick blog posting, easy checking of webmail, and much more. It’s the browser that has everything, yet you can add even more to it by installing add-ons. Since Flock is powered by Firefox, many Firefox extensions will work with it. There are also some extensions that have been designed specifically for Flock. Here are some of the best...

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Five Ways to Become a Better Blogger

Five Ways to Become a Better Blogger Tweet Blogging is a simple process but a lot of work. While it is not hard to post to your blog, getting the traffic and the revenue from your blog that you desire is a tougher proposition. Maybe you’ve been blogging for a while and still aren’t seeing the traffic numbers you’d like. Here are five ways that you can enhance your blogging skills. 1. Keep up with the times. No one wants to read last month’s news. A blogger has to know what is going on in the world yesterday, today and...

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Five Top Women in Marketing

Five Top Women in Marketing Tweet There was a time when the Fortune 500 consisted almost completely of companies owned by men. But those days are over. Women have become important figures in the marketing world, starting numerous highly successful companies. Here are five of the top women in marketing today, in no particular order. Martha Stewart Although her career has not been without controversy, there’s no denying that Martha Stewart is a shrewd businesswoman. Founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, she...

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Five Tips on Becoming a Better Web Content Writer

Five Tips on Becoming a Better Web Content Writer Tweet When most people search the Internet, they are in search of information. There is a lot of it out there. As a content writer, you want them to read your content. Here are five ways that you can enhance your web content writing skills. What makes you good at what you do? Part of it is natural talent. For a creative medium like writing, it is just plain work if you don’t have some inclination towards doing it well. The other part of the equation is continuing education. To be a...

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Finding an Online Community for Women in Business

Finding an Online Community for Women in Business Tweet As a businesswoman, it’s very important to have a good support network. You need fellow businesswomen to share experiences and tips with. You need women who are in fields related to yours to ask questions. The sense of community provided by a group of businesswomen can help see you through the tough times. But finding a group in your area isn’t always practical. Maybe there are networking groups that you could join, but they might meet at times that are not convenient for...

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Initial Franchise Fees Explained

Initial Franchise Fees Explained Tweet If you’re considering starting your own small business, a franchise is often an excellent option. They give you the freedom to fund your own business with the security of having trusted products and business practices. Getting started with franchising, however, can be a bit confusing. Here you’ll find an explanation of the initial fees needed to get started with your business. A royalty fee is just an upfront payment that gives the franchisee the right to use the name and logo...

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How to Respond To Negative Customer Feedback

How to Respond To Negative Customer Feedback Tweet If you are a business owner, you’re eventually going to get some negative feedback from your customers or other people you work with or for. While your initial reaction is probably to get mad or upset, negative feedback is actually a good thing. It means that your customers are giving you an opportunity to improve your business. The most important thing to remember when getting negative feedback is to not get mad. Sure, getting mad may give you an energy burst to be more effective...

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How to Produce a Successful Ezine

How to Produce a Successful Ezine Tweet A popular ezine is a great way to make money, sell new products, and increase your web traffic. The key is putting together a quality product. The first step in starting an ezine is to pick a topic. This sounds easy enough, but is a very important step. You need to find a topic that people want to read about so you get subscribers and advertisers, but you also don’t want something that everyone else is already putting out material on. That is, unless you have some new edge that no...

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Tips on How to Present and Organize Your Ezine Material

Tips on How to Present and Organize Your Ezine Material Tweet Starting an ezine can be a large undertaking. You work hard to find contributors and advertisers and you’re all ready to go and put your layout together. This is about the time you may realize that the hard part isn’t quite over. Developing the look can be just as difficult as deciding what goes in it. But don’t worry – if you follow a few tips, putting together a great looking ezine is not that hard to do. Here are some tips: * Start simple. Before you get started...

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