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You must change and update your website to give your customers good reasons to visit you again! Therefore you need to maintain your site continuously.

There are two types of maintenance:

  • Maintenance due to changing needs
    Minor jobs include

    • simple page design changes
    • simple navigational changes
    • insertion of graphics

    Major jobs such as inserting new screens, additional information and page/site redesign will require a new development contract. Please check our page on site development.


  • Maintenance due to recurring needs
    Jobs include

    • publication of periodicals such as newsletters and press releases
    • publication of event schedules and reports
    • files and database backups

If you do not have the resources to maintain your site consistently, we can help. We can provide our services on a job-by-job basis charged at our current hourly rate. Or our services can be covered by a retainer contract. Please contact us today for a head start.

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